Filth Pig's Setting Questions

 My own personal setting questions.

1. Is there Blood Magic? Necromancy? Can I start off with these powers or do I have to get them d-d-d-diegetically? Will these things get me hanged/drawn, quartered and burned over water/tortured/burned at the stake? Is your Necromancer working off the "divination from the dead" definition or is it cool?

2. Will my limbs get hacked off? Can I get new limbs? Do they have to be human or can I have monster parts? Is there a class that does all this or is it just an NPC?

3. When was the last plague in the setting and how soon can we expect the next one? Can we swindle people by selling fake plague cures? 

4. Cannibalism gives you: A) Kuru, B) Magical Powers, C) Full stomach, D) Yet Another Unexpected Twist ?

5. What's can't I do that isn't super obvious?

1. Yes. Yes. You can start with Necromancy, but you have to discover Blood Magic on your own and d-d-d-digetically. People might turn a blind eye to Necromancy if you give them good reason to, but Blood Magic is gettin' you clapped, time now. I'm more interested in Necromancy than my players are, so currently Necromancer/y hasn't been implemented into the home game yet, but it's much more than divination.

2. Yes! Yes! Monster parts is cool, but you're going to have to work for them. It's going to be costly, you'll need to take the Fleshcrafter with you to the lair of the beast so he has the freshest possible specimen to work with. There's definitely a Fleshcrafter class in the making.

3. Fuckin' ON-GOING! Coming to a city near you! Absolutely! 

4. Cannibalism definitely fills you up - cannibal "rations" are basically double so more bang for your buck and you definitely gain some powers from cannibalizing people, but it has to be the right people.

5. Honestly, I don't know that I have an answer for this one and am most looking forward to what other people say about it.

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